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"A centre of Excellence in the Service of Banks, FIs and their Customers"  


IIBM was established as a common training centre for all banks and financial institutions of the NE Region. The institute was, therefore, set up keeping in view the special requirements of the region. The other objectives of the institutions are to plan promote and provide for education and training in operations of the region, to provide consultancy and to conduct research in matters pertaining to the education, training and development of personnel of banking, co-operative and other financial institutions as also of the State/Central Governments and their undertakings in the region.

Under such circumstances, to achieve these goals, IIBM library serves the above user community, gives emphasis on programmes of the parent organization in addition to the programmes of other financial institutions, implement support services to these programmes, disseminates information, equips the users intellectually and serves the users in all possible ways.

Librarian: Dr. Rupali Sarma, B.Sc, M.L.I.Sc, Ph.D.
Present Stock
  • Books & CDs: 10,900 Nos
  • Journals (Back Volumes): 5000
  • Current Journals: 24
  • Free receive Journal & Magazine/Newsletter : 20
  • 2000 Reports of various Organizations
  • IIBM Publications
Total Seating Capacity of the Central Library
  • Reading Cabin: 20 Nos
  • Reading Room (inside Report section): 25 Nos
  • E-Centre (including internet access): 2 Nos
  • Journal Room: 10 Nos
  • Reading Room (inside stack room): 10 Nos

IIBM library provides information access, both in print as well as electronic form. The library is continuing to balance the resource requirements for print access and storage, while also increasingly providing electronic access.

Help us to serve you better

1. All Institutional Members would be allowed to refer books, journals, periodicals, reports etc., within the library only as well as avail photocopying, Internet facilities as per Institute’s accepted terms.

2. The individual Membership would consist of the following personnel:

  • Permanent employees of IIBM
  • Research Assistant or Project Research Associates temporarily engaged by IIBM
  • Participants attending programmes organized by IIBM/Banks and Financial Institutions at IIBM
  • Others-as permitted by the Director

3. Books would be issued to only to IIBM Faculty Members, IIBM Staff, Research Assistants of IIBM (Temporary), Project Research Associates of IIBM (Temporary), and Participants of IIBM conducted programmes

4. Books must be returned within a month. In case of loss of books or any other library materials, the user will be required to pay the original price of the book+25% or pay the current procurement price of such books/materials whichever is higher or as may be decided by the Director in the best interest of the Institute.

5. Participants are requested to return the borrowed books to the library on or before the concluding day of their programme and get back the card.

6. Reference books & current journals are meant only for perusal in the library. New arrivals will not be issued during the first week.

Library Database

The database of all the books and journals in the library is stored in CDS/ISIS developed by UNESCO which has very sophisticated Information Retrieval System and it is best uses as bibliographic, subject wise articles of journals.

Library Timings :  9.00am to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday)